Yet another tweenerdog teaser video! Now that I have the format down, I think i will make a new video every couple of months or so. Enjoy! :)


- Jeff M





Today marks the first entry for a tweenerdog series! We are starting off with the Master of Disguise series. Enjoy!


- Jeff M





Our very first t-shirt just showed up and is looking good! They are up for sale on


- Jeff M





Here we go, the first pic of tweenerdog merchandise! This just came in the mail and looks really nice. For now, we have 2 mug designs, 2 t-shirt designs and 1 poster design up for sale on


- Jeff M





This past week has been quite busy for me. I was able to upload a new collection of drawings as well as draw several more tweenerdogs for the future. Once i get a few more done, i will be creating the first ever tweenerdog poster that will be available in the zazzle store.


That's all for now. Time for more drawings.


- Jeff M





So happy to announce that the store is finally open! You can find the first two designs below. I want to take a moment to tell you what I have planned for the store. There are going to be two different stores. The first one available is through Zazzle. For this store, I plan on having t-shirts, mugs, posters, etc. My second store will be through Etsy. For this one, I plan on having handmade items up for sale. It will be quite different than the Zazzle store. I think it will be a nice mix. I will be testing out materials for the Etsy items soon. Lots of testing to make sure I get the quality exactly right. :)


- Jeff M





Behold, the tweenerdog teaser video! Despite being only 18 seconds long, this video took quite a bit of time to create. Mainly, because I didn't know what i was doing! Lots of trial and error. I used Soundation for the music and Photoshop to create the video. This ended up turning into a weekend project. Much longer than I thought it would. But, I learned a lot and had a ton of fun. Overall, I am quite happy with the final video. Hopefully, everyone else will be too. Enjoy! :)


- Jeff M





All links are live! Well, sort of. The "adopt" link is live, but for now, it is just a "coming soon" placeholder. The "submit" link now contains the email address you can use to send me ideas for future tweenerdog ideas. The "social" link is also live. The tweenerdog Instagram account is the only social network available at the moment. More will follow.


- Jeff M





Welcome to the first ever tweenerdog blog!


This one will be short and sweet. Like tweenerdog. :)


Anywho, isn't "officially" live as of now. Think of this more of a beta launch. Not all the links are active yet. I will be slowly adding links as time goes by. Right now, my first concern will be adding more pages to the collection section. The final step will be to add the store to the "adopt" button at the bottom. That will be by far the most time consuming part of the website. Plus, I want to build up a decent amount of tweenerdog drawings to the collection before i open the store.


Okay, enough for now. Back to work for me. Enjoy all the new drawings coming your way soon!


- Jeff M